Greenfield Canal Volunteers Project Day - Thursday 9th May

We will be meeting at 10am this Thursday at the Division Bridge entrance to the towpath. Access by car is via Calf Lane, off Manchester Road, Greenfield and there is parking available at the cricket club.

We will be continuing with footpath improvement work on our newly adopted section of towpath    towards Manchester Road, Mossley. There are also other jobs such as litter picking, cutting back overgrown vegetation and brushing down steps to be done. All equipment will be provided but please wear clothing/footwear suitable for the weather conditions on the day. 

We  you are able to join us but if you can't make it this time our future project dates for 2019/2020 are below:

           May  - Saturday 18th

           June - Tuesday 4th & Saturday 22nd

           July - Thursday 4th & Saturday 20th

           August - Tuesday 6th & Saturday 31st

           September - Thursday 12th & Saturday 28th

           October - Tuesday 8th & Saturday 26th

           November - Thursday 7th & Saturday 23rd

           December - Saturday 14th

           January 2020 - Saturday 11th & Tuesday 21st

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