Our local environment is one of the main concerns of Greenfield and Grasscroft Residents Association and one of the main reasons for its foundation in 1979.  We are committed to the care and protection of our own neighbourhood, remaining aware of global concerns.

We seek to make a difference through a variety of activities, e.g.

  • Fiercely defending the local green belt
  • Promoting the Saddleworth Hydro Project
  • SSG Litter Pick sessions
  • Canal towpath clean-ups
  • Setting up a Tree Watch group 
  • Monitoring planning and building developers' activities
  • Responding to traffic concerns 

All this activity is down to members of Greenfield and Grasscroft Residents Association and our associated groups such as Love Lydgate and Street Scene Greenfield in association with support from local businesses and from involved organisations like British Waterways, United Utilities, OMBC, Saddleworth Parish Council, etc.

These activities are both defending our heritage and pro-actively making significant changes.